Our Centre

Our Centre Philosophy

Our child care centre’s philosophy is based on:

  • The child’s needs and interests.
  • Professional commitment in providing quality care to all children.
  • Acknowledging the importance of the family and it’s influence on the child’s development.

Our program is designed to foster self-esteem, self-confidence, competence in self-help skills and those inner controls and language abilities necessary for effective social interaction.

Children are guided to question, experiment, think and to reason, to help children develop into self confident, caring, competent individuals.
We encourage emotional development through verbal expressions of thoughts and feelings, the experience of rules, limits, kindness, justice and empathy, recognising and accepting emotions in others, so as to develop a respect for others.

We encourage the physical development of gross motor skills through outdoor and indoor games and activities, as well as fine motor development through the use of manipulative toys, blocks, puzzles and other tools and objects. We encourage interest in language through stories, puppetry, home corner and it’s equipment, music games, science, drama, problem solving and other conversations. We encourage development of responsibility for one’s own actions in self-help, health, safety and interpersonal areas and to exercise appropriate independence.

We encourage social development by providing opportunities for sharing, taking turns, making friends, resolving conflicts, solving problems, helping others, recognising and accepting others, cooperating on projects and building self esteem. We seek to provide a healthy, physically safe and emotionally secure environment, where there is acceptance, respect, caring and appreciation of each child.

We recognise the importance and the diversity of each child’s family and enhance it’s cultures, values and language. We strive to develop a positive and trusting relationship with families based on respect and open communication.

Maintain confidentiality and respect the right of the family to privacy. We encourage families to share their knowledge, growth, understanding and involvement at every opportunity.

We support and assist all staff members in their professional development, recognise each staff’s individuality and value their opinions and views. We strive to work together as a team and develop positive relationships based on trust and open communication. Build an atmosphere of respect and act in the community in ways that enhance the standing of the profession.

All of our educators are first aid and anaphylaxis trained and have obtained either a Bachelor of Teacher, Diploma of Children’s Services or a Certificate III Children’s Services. Both our Preschool & Toddler Rooms have an extra member of staff each day.

We provide a quality service in response to the needs of the community and strive to work together with other community resources to enhance the development of children and staff.